TUES 15TH & WED 16TH SEPT 2020

Build an unbreakable INNER STRENGTH to Overcome The Hardest Challenges with Certainty, Power, and Speed... and take control of your life again as a result. 

Get The Focus, Clarity, And Accountability You Need To Take Your Power Back No matter what’s happening to gain more clarity and certainty in your life.

Get the EXACT secrets Joel uses to never struggle, be depressed, or live a life that is out of order and structure.

Get Personally Mentored By Joel And His Elite World-Class Network Inside The Addicted2Success Academy!

TUES 15TH & WED 16TH SEPT 2020

Over 2 ACTION-PACKED Days, Joel Brown Will Be:

Day 1: Inner Rewiring & Transforming Your Beliefs

So That You Can Move From Procrastination to Creation

Would you believe me if I told that you could achieve the life that you want in 90-days from now regardless of the circumstances that we’re in right now?

I'm talking about being the best version of yourself that your family and friends badly need you to be in these uncertain times...

- even if your bank is draining by the day...

- even if you're unable to go to the gym anymore...

- even if you're stuck at home during the lockdowns...

- even if you're feeling depressed and lost in life...

- even if you're feeling alone and left out...

- even if you've just lost your job...

Yes, I know that's hard to believe but that's all because there is a TRANSFORMATIONAL tool that allows you to do that.

It's something that I discovered working with tens and thousands of people around the world who felt lost and HELPLESS... even though they weren't.

All you need is 30 minutes a day, and you can do this too with nothing but a pen, a piece of paper, and a quiet environment.

- it's not yoga or meditation...

- it's not reading personal development books...

- it's not even watching YouTube videos for inspiration...

- it's not even hiring some spiritual coach....

Time and time again, it has worked flawlessly to get people moving from procrastination, fear, and uncertainty...

to confidence, clarity, and creation.

The best part? – it's saved people from times of uncertainty that are 10x even WORSE than what's happening in 2020.

If that's what it did for people who have gone through so much worse than what we're experiencing right now...

Then imagine what would happen if you were to go through the same PROCESS that these people went through as well.


And all you need is to get your hands on these very TRANSFORMATIONAL tools that anybody in the world can do from the comfort of their own home...


To start loving your life again as you rise above the waves.


In order for you to move forward, to create unparalleled clarity, to know what to focus on, and to learn how to hold yourself accountable…

Imagine what it would be like if you had the ability to time and time again…


...always do what you need to do to get to where you wanna be with unrivalled speed, with unbreakable certainty, and unparalleled clarity? 


Where would your life be right now? How much progress, overall success, achievements, would you able to attain?


You would probably be achieving an incredible milestone in different areas of your life that RIVALS even the world’s greatest minds.

And that's exactly what you're going to discover on Day 1 of my Masterclass.


DAY 2: Mapping Out Your Bulletproof 90-Day Game Plan

What would your life look like if we met 90-days from now in a coffee shop at Bali? Where would you love to see yourself in the next 90-days from now regardless of the circumstances that we’re in right now?


What most people don't understand is that everything is touching everything.


This is exactly why happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction, and contentment only come to those who have a well-rounded life with all the 8-key areas in life in complete HARMONY.

Now that you've let go of the stories and killed the procrastination that's been holding you back all this time, you are now moving forward with unparalleled clarity, with unbreakable focus, and next-level self-accountability…

It's now time to map out the plan of attack for the next 90 days. On Day 3, I will give you a bulletproof roadmap that allows you to identify and achieve what it is that you truly want to achieve in the next 90 days in all areas of life. Specifically speaking:


1. Business/Career

2. Finances

3. Health

4. Romance 

5. Fun & Adventure

6. Family & Friends

7. Physical Environment

8. Self Development

This way, you can finally follow a crystal clear blueprint of exactly how to achieve what you want in the next 90 days without fail.

TUES 15TH & WED 16TH SEPT 2020


REVEALED: The 6 Types of Procrastinators

The GREATEST reason why most people never end up overcoming their procrastination no matter how hard they try is that they’re using the wrong methods to overcoming their TYPE of procrastination. The first step to overcoming procrastination PERMANENTLY... is to discover what KIND of procrastinator YOU ARE and this is exactly what this tool does for you.

The Procrastination to Creation CHEATSHEET

What most people aren’t aware of, is that down to its core, there are SIX different types of procrastinators. Each of which requires a specific approach to overcoming it permanently. The second step to overcoming procrastination is to APPLY the right methods to your SPECIFIC TYPE of procrastination and this tool is your one-way ticket to achieving that.

A2S 90-Day Game Plan Worksheet

The best way to describe this tool is that it is the pure definition of unparalleled clarity and structure to achieving what you want to achieve in the next 90-Days. This is where the REAL transformation happens. And this tool is going to be your lighthouse as you move with certainty towards achieving everything you’ve laid out in your 90-Day VISION.


The 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass Facebook Group

Inside this FREE 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass, you’ll get to rub shoulders with me, my incredible network of leaders, and of course, all the other students who are going through the exact same journey to level up. You'll get inside an environment that is primed for progress with no judgments. Just pure support, encouragement, and accountability.