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Who Else Wants To Stop Attracting and Choosing the WRONG PARTNERS in life... having the CONFIDENCE you need to be with the one you truly deserve?

For the first time ever... 10 World-Class Relationship Coaches Have Decided To Show You How You Can Break Free From These Too... PERMANENTLY


  But will you make it inside in time?  


I'm sure you're wondering...


Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you'll meet every single one of them.

If there was a very powerful magic pill:


  • That will allow you to break free from co-dependency and neediness in relationships…

  • That would stop you from dating the wrong people…

  • That would help you in healing your heartbreak…

  • That would help you re-ignite a dying relationship…

  • Win back your ex (if you still deserve each other)

  • And all the other things that could fix your relationship situation right now...


 Would you take it? 


You’d probably say yes, right?


Well, the bad news is there is no such magic pill that can actually do that.


Believe me, I’d be the first in the line if something like that exists. 


The good news is you can learn from some of the most incredible leaders on how to do just that and a hell of a lot more.


They’re able to do this after dedicating their craft using practices, methods, and techniques backed by behavioral science and psychological studies. 


And you may not know it by now… 


But you’re so much closer to a life where you:

  • Never have to worry about being in relationships with the wrong people.

  • Never have to be with people who take advantage of you

  • Never have to worry about feeling if you’re enough whether you’re single or in a relationship

  • Never have to worry about what to do to make that one person you’ve been thinking about to feel the same way as you.


That’s how powerful these proven strategies, practices, and tricks can be when in the hands of the right people.


And this is exactly what the speakers will be sharing with you in the A2S Relationship Mastery Online Summit.


Hi, my name is Joel Brown.


I am the founder of, the world’s number #1 motivational website. 


And recently, we held a summit with 18 of the most powerful speakers around the world. 


We had thousands upon thousands of people registered for this. 


And despite having an incredible number of transformations and shifts on the members who attended for free...


We had so many people who previously reached out to us saying how skeptical they were...


People were saying stuff like:

“no way this has got to be a joke, I can’t believe it’s free”.


“This gotta be some joke. Why would all these people speak for free?”


“Oh, it’s just another over-hyped online meeting where a bunch of speakers gives value you can’t use and sell you sh*t.”

And I don’t blame them…


As a matter of fact, something as grand as this DOES NOT DESERVE to be free.


But it is.


And it’s all thanks to me being able to build strong and real relationships with these powerful people in my network.


However, the sad thing was that the skeptical ones are still skeptical…


But what’s worse is that they MISSED out on the incredible value that was shared on the previous Online Summit.


However for those who knew they had nothing to lose and were a part of our previous Online Summit…


Their minds were stretched on what was possible for themselves.


We had world-class speakers who came in…


People who owned companies that were flirting with 8-figures every year…


People who made a mind-bending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for their clients…


They dropped everything they had on how to break your business barriers and how to implement new strategies in your life to level up.


So it’s pretty safe to say that when we LAUNCH online summits…


We don’t mess around with the speakers who we invite.


And guess what, we’re doing it again.


What’s the difference?


This Summit is going to be filled with WORLD-CLASS Relationship coaches who are all highly focused on taking your relationships to the next level… FOR FREE! (again)


I’ve realized that so many people right now are still hurting on the inside…


Not because they don’t have money…


But because they’re not in the right relationships…


Or, it’s because they’re struggling to be themselves while they’re in one.


So I’ve decided to bring together some of my most incredible:


  • Transformational relationship coaches

  • Dating leaders and

  • Dating coaches to bring to you…


Everything they know about how you can stop hurting yourself by being with the wrong people…


And how you can tap into the primal instincts using these proven strategies, techniques and tricks.



This is a 2-day online summit where we teach you LIVE, on Zoom how to break through your dating and relationship barriers…


We’re gonna teach you new techniques and strategies for having powerful relationships...


So you won't have to struggle to find the one or attract the kind of person you want to be with for the rest of your life. 


A lot of people are in a rush now…


They say things like, "I’ve got to hurry up and be in a relationship"


"Will I ever find someone?..."


There’s this doubt that creeps in that cause a lot of people to get into toxic relationships...


Which is why we’re holding this online summit for you.


To support you in breaking through all that doubting. 


And YES it’s FREE… It’s easy to register (one step and you're done)…


So make sure you scroll down, check out the details…


Check out all the awesome incredible speakers,


We have so many people that are waiting in line right now ready to jump in on this, they cannot wait…


I announced it to my group recently and they went CRAZY: I could see them all in the Zoom video calls…


They were all like: "Oh my GOD!"


They want to jump in on this and learn how to have powerful relationships.


So, if this is something that resonates with you...


Then scroll down, click on the button below and let’s do this!



Joel Brown is the Founder of the #1 Motivation website, and he is on a mission to help people stand in their confidence so they can turn their dreams into a reality.


Joel is considered a double-edged sword, as he is skilled in the area of Self Development Coaching, NLP, Speaking, and Mindset Coaching.


Joel has built Multiple Six Figure online businesses.



Founder of Addicted2Success

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Certified in over 13 different therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing and more,


Thais is a personal development expert, author, and teacher who has worked with thousands of clients across the globe to help them transform their life, relationships, and overcome substantial challenges.



Author, Veteran Dating Coach, BSc, MA

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Former Hollywood Agent, Best Selling Author and Master Coach to thousands

Christine Hassler is a Master Coach, facilitator, and speaker with over 15 years of experience. She is the best-selling author of not one, not two, but three books. She’s appeared on: The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style, and The New York Times.

With a Masters's degree in Spiritual Psychology, Christine is recognized for her superpowers of intuition and compassion to help people breakthrough challenges that at one time seemed insurmountable. Bottom line: she helps people get “over it and on with it!” with love.

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Certified Life Coach,  Relationship Expert, Author & Master Speaker in Dating

Stephan is a highly-recognized life coach and relationship expert with an unquestionable skillset to bring results which earned him credible appearances on, Huffpost live, Men's Fitness,,, and many more. 

As a certified relationship coach, a speaker and author, Stephan seizes every opportunity to help both men and women overcome the challenges that hinder their relationships. 

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Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Veteran

Dating and Relationship Coach.

Named to the prestigious list of America’s Top Psychiatrists for the last 3 years and is recognized by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals as one of Leading Physicians of the World, Dr Ish has spent over 15 years demystifying the male psyche and helping men and women navigate their way through the dating jungle.

As an on camera expert, he is the co-host of WeTV’s hit series Marriage & Family Boot Camp Reality Stars and is a frequent guest host on The Doctors and resident expert on The Tamron Hall Show, The Today Show and The Steve Harvey Show.

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Featured in Cosmopolitan, CNN, CBS, BBC, New York Times, The Oprah Winfrey Show and many more, Susan Winter has helped over 5000 individuals find (and keep) love.


Whether it's dating issues, relationship challenges, or gaining inner confidence, Susan's unrivaled consistency to produce life-changing results stems from her intuitive, thought-based approach to evolutionary relationships.


NYC Relationship Expert, World-Renowned Coaching Professional

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Apollonia Ponti

Dating and Relationship Expert For Men 

Apollonia Ponti is a Dating & Relationship Coach for men with over 50 million views on her dating and relationship YouTube channel.

She specializes in teaching men to understand what women want, master their attraction skills, and build their confidence in dating or a relationship.

Her passion is to guide men to believe LOVE is not complicated, unrealistic, scary, unhealthy, false, or addictive! It is beautiful – it’s right in front of you waiting for you to find it.

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Janet has spent the last 9 years immersing herself in Personal Development, gaining certification in NLP, Blair Singer’s Train the Trainer, Making the Stage, Master Facilitator, and many more.


She has survived a massive Global Financial Crisis and has learned to center herself in her marriage and life relationships through the breakthrough work she teaches.


Self- Mastery Coach & Personal-Development Coach

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Founder Conscious Tease | Co-Founder of Illuminate, Emotional Intelligence Coach & Speaker. 

Emile was a highly successful fashion model who has featured in Hugo Boss, Versace, Nike, Calvin Klein, Apple, and more. He teaches thousands of students how they can unlock an unbreakable level of confidence so that they can start enjoying the relationships they desire.

His strategies and tools in Emotional Intelligence, Self Transformation, Mindfulness, Timeline Therapy, and Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy have helped thousands worldwide become ridiculously confident with themselves to attract anyone they want.

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SATURDAY 20 JUNE  - 5pm - to - 12am US EST*

SUNDAY 21 JUNE - 5pm - to - 12am US EST

* US Eastern Standard Time

US Pacific Standard Time - 3 hours behind

UK time - 5 hours ahead

UAE Time - 8 hours ahead

Singapore Time - 12 hours ahead

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You will need a reasonable internet speed and a few gigs of data to attend. It is advisable (but not essential), to use headphones. The Zoom will work on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and more.


Once registered you will receive a confirmation and then from 3 days before the event you will receive your relevant links to join.


Please come in a bit early to make sure everything is working fine.






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