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Vision For Your Podcast


Podcast Creation

- Are You A Visionary Or An Integrator? -  What Format of Podcast to Create

- Vision For Your Podcast & Brand

- Identify Your Authority Type

- Your Story Styles & How to Share Them On Your Podcast


How To Get All-Star Guests

- Value Exchange

- Irresistible Offer

- Copy-Paste E-Mail & DM Templates

- Collaboration Leverage

- Giveaways to Entice

How to Maximize Your Reach and Impact

- Why A Blog/Website

- Priming Your Social Media

- Building an Email List of Loyal Fans

- Collaboration/Affiliate Network

- Podcast-Accelerating Facebook Groups


Podcast Branding: How to Differentiate Yourself From All The Others

- Brand Message

- Brand Theme & Colors

- Designing Your Cover Art

- Producing Iconic Intro & Outro Music


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