The Most DANGEROUS TRAP All Online Coaches Fall Into:



Find Your Niche

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Dear friend, the following is for:


  • Any aspiring online coach who has no idea how he/she will ever be able to get random strangers online to work with them…

  • Anyone who is currently struggling with low self-esteem or with little to no self-confidence when it comes to business & money.

  • People who are stuck in the chains of procrastination and self-hate living an unfulfilling life living paycheck to paycheck...

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 If you can find your niche, you'll succeed.. 

Dear Friend,


If you’re like me, then you know that one of the most exciting things to strive for in life is to be an online coach.


When we’ve built our names for ourselves, found our niche, and are delivering results for our clients...


Life can become so exciting for months straight that we forget what it’s like to live a boring and unfulfilling life.


Almost every day, we don’t know what #CLIENTWINS are about to hit our DMs or emails…


While we eat at restaurants beside stunning sunsets, our phones ring with notifications of clients enrolling into our high-ticket programs.


And more than that… we definitely do not have to worry about working with anyone who drains the lives out of us…


Because quite frankly… we don’t have to.


In other words...

 It’s like we have a license to print money while having an invisible antivirus for negativity. 

No more 9-5s, no more mediocre days where we wake up to an alarm clock…


No more exhausting commutes only to arrive in a workplace with a self-centered boss…


And no more spending your time with people who just can’t seem to understand how you think anymore. 

Now because all of that is super fun to imagine…

 A lot of people dream of becoming online coaches

But only a few people end up making the decision to take the first steps to becoming an online coach.


Why? – Because they start overthinking of things like:


“I don’t know what my niche is?”

“I’m not confident enough to put my content out there.”

“I hate being salesy, what if I come off as pushy?”

“I don’t know what to even offer to people.”

“How much money should I spend on ads?”


...and so many more.


If you feel like this, you’re not alone.


But you’ll be surprised how easy it is when I’ll reveal to you how you too can start your journey correctly.


A journey that will point you straight to your first 1-3 clients in the next few months.


Nope, I’m not talking about the next magic sales technique or the next magic marketing system.

 Nothing Will Ever Work If You Feel A Fraud.


It’s true, there are only a few people who get the courage to start becoming an online coach.


But even fewer people sign new clients every month and get to 10k/mo consistently.


And even less than that traveling around the world hitting that MILLION-DOLLAR MARK.


It’s not because they’re not good enough…


It’s not because they can’t deliver results for their clients…


It’s not because they don’t have enough money to spend on ads…

It’s simply because they’re struggling with the fraudulent coach syndrome.

Stressed Woman

"What if I don't sign clients? I don't know what niche would be?"

For aspiring coaches who haven’t started…


It’s when aspiring coaches worry about starting because they don’t know what their niche is…


For amateur coaches who can’t break 10k/mo consistently… 


It makes them feel like crap because they’re helping people solve a problem they’re good at…


But it’s something that they’re getting tired of doing.

Here’s the deal.


Nothing is more frustrating than NOT KNOWING if you’re really ready to become an online coach.


And if you’re still flirting with the idea of becoming an online coach, admiring online coaches but haven’t really started…

This is the real enemy that nobody has a clue even exists in the first place.

stressed out.jpeg

You think you’re a fraud, unworthy of being called a coach and incapable of bringing results to clients.

I’ve heard so many people talk to me about how they’ve always wanted to become online coaches.


But sadly, that’s where it all ends – just talk.


 Does this sound like you? 


“I want to be an online coach, but I feel like I’m a fraud… not good enough to put myself out there, and create real results.”


If yes, then keep reading if you’d like to:


  1. Discover the REAL REASON why you’ve always felt like a fraud that’s not good enough to be an online coach…  and how to easily rub these doubts away almost overnight.

  2. Know why ONLY A FEW coaches make it to $10k/mo and why even less become million-dollar coaches… and WHY that’s good news for you this 2021.

  3. Discover The Most Powerful Exercise That Will Show You EXACTLY what YOU NEED to do to become a respected Coach in a step by step detail (This tool lays out all the steps in sequential order.)



Here’s the deal…


There’s a reason celebrities, top CEOs, million-dollar coaches, and world-renowned authors…


And numerous other iconic online business owners come to me.


That is especially true when they feel like they’ve suddenly lost the belief that they’ve once had in themselves.

And it’s not because I built a Multi-Million Dollar Online Brand addicted2success.com from scratch…


It’s not because I have hundreds of millions of views on my podcast.


Or the fact that I’m one of the most well-known coaches when it comes to branding and marketing in the online space.


Or even the sheer fact that I’m one of the most well-connected people on the planet with a network worth BILLIONS of dollars.



Think & Grow Rich with Joel Brown & Gran

And unlike strategies that we use for business, you need to take a completely different approach.




Because if we don’t, we’re all going to get stuck on an invisible hamster wheel that we can’t seem to get out of.


A hamster wheel of slaving ourselves from one day to the next…


A hamster wheel of not making enough money and just feeling like we can’t do anything about it…

A hamster wheel that we have to work ultra-hard to really get things going, sleeping at 4 am in the morning…

 The truth is, yes you can become really big as an online coach WORKING ULTRA HARD. 


But what if you didn’t have to slave away and work ULTRA-HARD with no guarantees that you’ll even make the money that you want to make…


And that all you really need is the step by step order for what it really takes to become a full-time online coach? 




Because back when I was still a nobody…


I had visualized myself speaking on stages, impacting thousands of people around the world...


But I was also suffering from the same FRAUDULENT COACH SYNDROME as every other aspiring coach did. 


However, long story short, It was only after I was able to GET CLEAR on all the things that I needed to have…


And all the steps that I needed to take that my FRAUDULENT COACH SYNDROME suddenly started to fade away. 


The clearer I got on what I needed to do…


The less worried I was about failing. 


And after years of frustrating trial and error…


I started to uncover why only the rare few aspiring coaches were able to break through their FRAUDULENT COACH SYNDROME…


And why most aspiring coaches are still thinking about being a coach to this day:


  1. Most people aren’t COACHES, because they have no idea how to facilitate real transformation for the clients they’re going to serve.

  2. Most people have NO INFLUENCE or the lack of it. And because of that, you’ll create content that blends in and never be heard.

  3. Most people have NO IDEA how to select their NICHE OF INFLUENCE, a niche where you’ll be able to easily sign more clients, and easily facilitate transformation for your clients.


And that’s exactly why most aspiring coaches never begin their first step.


Because why would you decide to go all-in, when you have no idea what to even do in a step by step order?


How do you know that…


1. You can deliver results for your future clients…

2. Or that people will listen to you when you start putting out content…


3. Or that you’re growing the RIGHT KIND of audience?


And if you can’t even think of a solid answer for each one of these questions…


Then it’s no wonder why you’re struggling with low self-esteem…


Being shackled in the chains of procrastination…


And getting random strangers to working with you and not anyone else.


By now you should have already realized why the self-development books, online courses you jump towards isn’t helping. 


And unfortunately…

The LONGER you feel like a fraud that’s not good enough to become an online coach…

 The bigger the problem is going to be. 

And the more money and happiness it will cost you 


Especially when there is no CLEAR PATH on exactly what you need to do in a step by step order.


It’s a dangerous and depressing place to be in.


It’s why most people WANT TO BE COACHES but don’t have the confidence to be one.


And most of all…


  1. It’s the reason why coaches are spinning their wheels getting mediocre results, and...

  2. It’s when you feel like a wanna-be coach that has no confidence in yourself being a coach people can rely on.


Firstly, you’re not yet sure if you can deliver results if you ever sign clients.


Secondly, you’re scared of putting out content that will not resonate with people, especially now that there’s much more competition.


But more importantly…


You don’t have a clue about all the things that you need in place to become a full-time online coach.


And you know that for you to become full-time, to quit your 9-5 forever and finally become a coach that changes people’s lives…


You need an online-coaching business that consistently keeps signing more and more clients.


But just like any aspiring coach…


The FRAUDULENT COACH SYNDROME is the one enemy that is stopping you. 


And it’s the syndrome that I had when I first started addicted2success…


But what if things were different?


What if you realized that becoming an online coach isn’t as hard as you think?


What if you finally had an “online coach checklist” that will tell you if you’re really ready to be an online coach or not?


What if you finally uncovered all the steps you need to take in sequential order to become an online coach?


And what if you had a copy-paste blueprint to becoming an influential coach that can produce results, influencing thousands?


Chances are you’ll stop worrying about being an online coach and you’ll finally take the first step…


More than that, you’ll easily be able to go all-in when you know that being an online coach is just a matter of time.


But you see, it’s not as complicated as you think.


Because what I’ve discovered is that…


All you need to do to be free from the shackles of the FRAUDULENT COACH SYNDROME...



Your niche of influence is the niche that allows you to: 


1. Have the influence that most coaches don’t have which allows you to EASILY create content that inspires your audience, turning them from leads into high-paying clients that will fight for you

2. Know exactly what kind of people you can help facilitate real transformation with, which means you’ll have the CONFIDENCE to want to sign more clients, knowing exactly how you can help them


3. And most importantly, it’s the niche that allows you to easily get noticed, help the right people, and attain a coaching business that you can rely on


And when I finally cracked the code on the complete steps that it took to find my NICHE OF INFLUENCE...


I was able to achieve something that less than 1% of coaches could:


Be a coach that gets paid $1500/hr…


Live a life attracting people who align with who I really want to be…

Working on my coaching business full time…NEVER WORRYING AGAIN about having to go back to my unfulfilling and exhausting 9-5 ever again.


So in order to become a FULL-TIME coach who changes people’s lives for a living while making a boatload of money…


You just need to nail down three things:


  1. You need to be someone who can be seen...

  2. You need clients that have a problem you can help with, and...

  3. You need to know how to create real transformation for your clients.


These are the three CRUCIAL things that the GREATS of the coaching industry master on a day to day basis. 


And it’s how legends like Tony Robbins will always be among the most respected in their NICHE OF INFLUENCE! 


So for you to be completely free from the shackles of the FRAUDULENT COACH SYNDROME…


I’m gonna show you the COMPLETE roadmap to naturally find your NICHE OF INFLUENCE! 


A roadmap that uncovers all the steps that are crucial to becoming a full-time online coach…


That you probably have overlooked just like most coaches. 


And I’m going to pull back the curtain on this…




And here’s where it gets exciting...it’s FREE in exchange for a testimonial.

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Yahya Bakkar

International Speaker

So that even if you’re a coach who is just starting out and you have no idea where to start…


Or you’re someone who just can’t see themselves breaking out of the unfulfilling life where you’re just getting paid paycheck to paycheck... 


You’ll already have full clarity on what it takes to become a NICHE OF INFLUENCE on DAY 1 once I pass down this never-before-seen roadmap to you.  


Once you begin to break through your FRAUDULENT COACH SYNDROME...


Once you start attaining the respect that you want …


Once you start to effortlessly break away from the chains of procrastination…


And you begin to move towards attaining the freedom income that you need to have as an online coach with a fulfilling life...


You’ll know what it’s like to operate like me, Tony Robbins and the top coaches that are respected leaders in their niche...


And you’ll be leading 2021 with UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM…

While most aspiring coaches will still be “thinking about it”. 

 Save the date: 27 - 28 January 2021 

I’ll only be doing this masterclass once, and once all spots are filled up, I’m closing the doors to this opportunity.


I only want to hand this to the few people who are actually committed to making 2021 their year of TRANSFORMATION!


I don’t want to waste time on people who just learn and then forget about what they just learned because they never took CONSISTENT ACTION on what they learned.

Guess what, as a result for just signing up for the masterclass, I will throw in 3 MIND-BLOWING bonuses.

They're bonuses that will help you sculpt the life that you truly love as an online coach, speaker, or influencer.


So if you’re smart, and you know you really want this, you know what to do.


See you on January 27 - 28, 2021!

Grant Cardone

Transformational Speaker

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Alexi Panos

Relationship Speaker

Jay Shetty

Former monk, storyteller & viral content creator

here’s a summary of everything you’ll be getting for free if you’re one of the few people who put in their emails first:

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Thais Gibson is extremely skilled at helping people GET INTO THE RIGHT relationships. 

On the other hand, she's extremely good at helping people GET OUT of the bad ones as well.

In her Attachment Style course, you'll find out how attachment styles work...

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It doesn't matter if you're a girl or if you're a guy.

This course will help you get into the right relationships no matter what.

A key proponent to making sure that you don't self-sabotage as you scale your coaching business is having your personal life figured out.

This attachment style course will point you straight to that outcome.

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IT gives you the power to uncover all the sequential action-steps that you need to do in step-by-step detail.

It's the exact same planning method almost all successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and speakers use to plan their months ahead.


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Intensive Masterclass On How You Can Supercharge Your Learning Speed Taught By The Legendary Jim Kwik Himself.

Jim Kwik is basically the modern-day Einstein when it comes to unlocking the full learning power of the brain.

Witnesses have seen him make an ordinary person memorize 50 names all in one go.

He consults with the world's greatest minds and is the trusted mentor to the world-class elite.

In his Super Charge Your Learning Speed Masterclass...

You will learn how to LEARN FASTER.

And as an end result, you'll be able to acquire high-income skill sets, and crucial skills that you need to elevate your life.

 Save the date: 27 - 28 January 2021 

This masterclass is not going to be for everyone.

If you want to look for something that you can find on YouTube, Forums, and all the other "groups" out there...

Then this masterclass is not for you.


I only want to hand this to the few people who are actually committed to making 2021 their year of TRANSFORMATION!


I don’t want to waste time on people who just learn and then forget about what they just learnt because they never took CONSISTENT ACTION on what they learned. 


So if you’re smart, and you know you really want this, you know what to do.


See you on January 27 - 28, 2021!