“Reintroducing The Forgotten Power of The 6 Pillars Of Optimal Health to Guarantee yourself LONG-LASTING health in all areas of life.




Who else wants to learn SIMPLE and PROVEN secrets to achieve long-lasting optimal health? 


Guess what, on September X, 2020... They're going to be revealed LIVE, by WORLD-CLASS fitness and mindset experts around the world.


Here's the deal...


Getting a well-rounded life and maintaining OPTIMAL HEALTH doesn't have to hard, it doesn't have to be complicated, and sure doesn't have to be expensive.

It comes down to following 6 forgotten pillars of optimal health that has been covered up by the big pharma and nutrition industries for so long.

And if you want to learn why people have forgotten about these 6 pillars, how they work, and why it full-proofs you from short term results...

Then we're inviting you to join us in the A2F LIVE ONLINE MIND AND BODY EXPO 2020... FOR FREE. (if you make it inside in time.)


Dear friend...


“Doesn’t it sound fishy to you? It’s already 2020…

Decades have passed and people have tried almost everything they could think

of to stay healthy, live long, and look really sexy…

We’ve tried Diet plans, Workout Routines, Supplements, Fasting, and even

spent thousands of dollars putting all our trust hiring expensive fitness


But even with that, the painful truth still remains the same…

To so many people...


Attaining LONG-LASTING results in health and fitness has been a daunting task even today.

Every time we try to do something…

It’s as if an INVISIBLE FORCE is always trying to derail us from staying

consistent to what we promised ourselves…

But what if I told you that things don’t have to be this way anymore?

 Decades have already passed but still…


People are unable to find the answer to achieving LONG-LASTING health physically, mentally, and socially… 


And this is especially true right now during these times since most people can’t even go to the gym anymore. 


And now, people are starting to get even more tired and exhausted.


Everyone’s tired of putting so much work only
to wake up seeing the same number on the weighing
scale even after hiring a fitness trainer.


And because of that, 


The biggest mindset and physical coaches are stepping in to prove that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BEE THIS WAY anymore.

If you’re getting bored out of your mind training all on your own…


If you’re getting annoyed by fitness programs and diet plans that aren’t tailored for your situation…


If you’re tired of jumping from one diet plan to the next…


If you’re exhausted of switching from this workout to that workout struggling to achieve LONG TERM RESULTS to keep:


  • The body that you want

  • The unshakable mental strength you need

  • The healthy relationships that you care about

  • Your stress levels at an all-time low

  • Doing what you’re passionate about…


Then I’m inviting you to join the A2F LIVE ONLINE MIND & BODY EXPO before all the spots gets claimed.


In the expo, incredibly talented fitness and mindset coaches who have unrivalled and unquestionable experience are going re-introducing…


The forgotten power of The 6  Pillars Of

Optimal Health that trigger a health-magnifying
“domino-effect” on all areas of your life.


In other words, if you follow these 6 simple pillars, results will start to become automatic for you.


And they will dramatically keep getting better and better week by week, month by month, and year by year.

This isn’t just about workout routines and diet plans anymore…


This isn’t even just about tailoring programs, macros, and what not.


It’s something bigger, it’s what I call as: COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION


And by complete transformation, I’m talking about LONG TERM RESULTS.

Then I’m inviting you to join us on the Addicted2Success Online Summit on May 23-25 2020. Just click the “Secure Your FREE Spot Now” button and I’ll meet you on the other side.

What will be revealed in the expo is so powerful but extremely overlooked that coaches around the world have decided to join in as well.


We’re going to reveal the 6-PILLARS of healthy-living that will delete all the plateaus and mysteries to becoming a BETTER YOU…

Just imagine how much better life would be if you had the secrets to:


  1. Attaining boundless energy from the moment you wake up, and the moment you put yourself to sleep…

  2. Getting an incredibly attractive physique even if you’re morbidly obese without needing a GYM…

  3. Having an incredible amount of motivation to consistently stick to a routine and program that will get you your dream body without fail.

  4. Have the unstoppable mindset of a world-class athlete 


Life would be so much better wouldn’t it?

I know, it’s hard to believe.


and when you get inside the Expo…


You’ll discover why achieving the health goals that you want isn’t as complicated as you think…

Hi my name Andy Ginn, and together with my co-host Ben Coulter, and some of the GREATEST coaches in the fitness and mindset industry…


We’re about to show you how following 6 simple but extremely crucial pillars in health and fitness… is about to change your life forever.

If you’re one of the few people who value your health…


Someone who wants to make sure you don’t end up in health complications in your 40s-50s from stroke, cancer, diabetes heart attacks…


The upcoming A2F LIVE ONLINE MIND & BODY EXPO will change your life PERMANENTLY.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years…


Especially when it comes to LASTING RESULTS that manifest for years…


Everything comes down to abiding 6 simple-but-highly-effective pillars that will bulletproof you from being deceived.


You just can’t lose more weight, you just can’t get any better, and you just can’t your energy improving no matter what you do. 


So you might be wondering…


What are these 6 pillars of healthy living?


1. Healthy Eating. 

Healthy eating is what most people are aware with…


However what they don’t know, is that it’s just 1 out of 6 important pillars that you need to get right if you want LONG TERM results.

And instead of following complex strategies obsessing over the appropriate amount of calories you take and spend on a daily basis…


There is a simple system you can use that will guide you on nourishing your body completely.


2. Active Living. 

The most successful, healthiest, and happies people on the planet have an active lifestyle…


But how do you do that when you’re busy?


How do you maintain an active lifestyle on any condition?


In the A2F expo, you’ll learn quick movement and activity routines that will drastically energize you throughout the day.


Without spending hours every single day.

3. Restorative Sleep 

Most people are too obsessed in the hustle… 


And almost everyone are just focusing on diet and workout not knowing that their lack of sleep is messing up their results.


And more than that, people have no idea how to get into a deep ‘anabolic’ sleep that FULLY RECHARGES you when you wake up.


And it is the secret to feeling ready to crush your day from the moment you wake up… to the moment you end your day.

4. Stress Reduction and Awareness.

Do you constantly worry about the things you can’t control?


Or are you living life from a place of certainty and growth focusing on the things you can control?

If there’s one thing that people are struggling with right now…


Is that they don’t know how to manage stress, and how to keep it at an all-time low…


In the expo, you’ll learn extremely effective stress reduction secrets that will make sure you’re stress free almost all of the time.


5. Community 

Ever wonder why you keep feeling why life’s bland?


Waking up to days where you feel like nothing exciting you anymore?


Then what you need is to learn how to connect with yourself.


People who have no idea how to connect with themselves and with other people suffer a life of silent desperation…


In the A2F Online Mind & Body Expo, we’ll show you practices that will allow you to form a deep connection with yourself.


A connection that will allow you to love yourself fully so that you make decisions that will truly make YOU happy.


6. Finding Your Passion and Purpose

And lastly, the last pillar of healthy living – passion and purpose.


There’s a very big difference an individual who isn’t chasing anything…


And an individual who understand what the tough days are leading towards.


The moment you find something that excites you to your core, you’ll be a completely new person.


I want you to know that the Online expo is 100% free and thousands of people around the world are seeing this page right now.


Spots are limited because we’re going to be using an online platform called ZOOM which has a limit of 1000 people.


Which means, if 1000 action takers are more decisive in making a risk-free decision, then I can’t guarantee if you’ll still be able to join.


If what we’ve covered resonates with you… then here’s what I need you to do next:


Click the RED BUTTON BELOW and register to the reservation page.

The moment you click that SEXY RED BUTTON, you’ll be taken to a registration page where you’ll plug in your details.


I only want people who are serious about getting LONG TERM RESULTS in their lives.


So if you can’t even find the time to register and confirm your registration to the 


Then I’m pretty sure why you’re still not able to achieve the goals that you want in health and fitness.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the guestlist!



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Joel Brown is the Founder of the #1 Motivation website, and he is on a mission to help people stand in their confidence so they can turn their dreams into a reality.


Joel is considered a double-edged sword, as he is skilled in the area of Self Development Coaching, NLP, Speaking, and Mindset Coaching.


Joel has built Multiple Six Figure online businesses.



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Sonia’s charisma and can-do attitude inspire you to kick your life into high gear and become your own personal success story. By sharing her business expertise, Sonia helps you move up the ranks and take charge of your life.


Sonia has converted her entrepreneurial intuition into a teachable skill – with her takeaways, you’ll have the tools you need to get to wherever you want to go.



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Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., New York Times, High Rise Life, Brad has set the gold standard for how training is delivered, tracked, and reported on ensuring maximum performance, accountability, retention, and results. He is the Founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT which have revolutionized the online training world. He is experienced and proven in sales and marketing and is a seasoned professional with a strong base of sales management coming from 25 years in the Automotive Industry.


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Serial entrepreneur, international business speaker, author, and one of the true pioneers of the coming food revolution. As the founder of WildFit, Eric is passionate about helping people, and in particular, children, achieve and experience outstanding health.


A true serial entrepreneur who is a veteran at his craft, Eric Edmeades has spent the last 20 years starting, buying, selling, and turning around businesses in 6 countries.

Sabri Suby is the founder and Head of Growth at King Kong, a digital marketing agency that uses true ROI and only charges for success.


He is the best selling author of the book "Sell Like Crazy". He has made over $1.33 Billion for his clients and his company King Kong is valued at over $30 Million. He built this company in just short 5 years.


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Jim spent the last 25 years helping people like you improve their memory, learn to speed-read, increase their decision-making skills, and unleash their superbrains. Throughout his career, Jim has shared these same techniques at universities like NYU, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Singularity. He’s also worked closely with companies like Nike, GE and Zappos and even companies like SpaceX and Virgin, owned by billionaire geniuses like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, have trained with him.

Paul O'Mahony is an entrepreneur, four times best selling author and a Guinness World Record-holding public speaker specializing in digital marketing, mindset and wealth management.


Paul is a highly sought after international speaker as his unique insights into mindset and marketing provides outstanding clarity for his audiences as to how to improve their business and financial wellbeing.


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After being incarcerated at a young age to just barely escaping poverty, Chase Hero (@chasehero) realized he was blessed with a second chance. Harnessing the sales prowess he learned in the streets, Chase built a 9-figure tech business. He achieved his success by focusing on subscription sales, but more importantly, by maintaining strong relationships with each and every customer. 


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Shanda’s mission is to give entrepreneurs the step-by-step systems they need to launch and grow their businesses – and transform their financial lives and the world.


She is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business – a training company on the brink of hitting eight figures designed to give entrepreneurs the powerful systems they can use to share their gift and use those gifts to create profitable sustainable businesses.


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John has built 5 multimillion-dollar companies, written 2 New York Times Bestselling books, and featured in 8 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.


Today, he is the founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence-based brain training methods.


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Peter Voogd is the best selling author of “6 Months to 6 Figures” and is a well-renowned speaker and mindset coach. Peter’s been labeled as the world’s leading authority for millennials and entrepreneurs by and numerous other international publications; founder of the prestigious Game Changer’s Academy.


Founder of Game Changers Academy

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Brian Walsh is considered a leading authority on entrepreneurship and human behaviour. He is the founder of The REAL Entrepreneur.


He will share the secrets of how he went from struggling to becoming a multi-millionaire and living his dream. He will also share how you can stop being the slave to your business and get it to serve you in achieving true wealth, meaning, and freedom in your life.


Founder of REAL Success

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Best-selling Author and International speaker Garrain Jones runs a seven-figure coaching business and has spoken in 32 countries. 6 ½ years after being homeless, Garrain is now a serial entrepreneur who motivates and inspires thousands as an internationally recognized Transformation Coach.


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International speaker

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Named Britain’s best therapist by Tatler magazine, Marisa has spent nearly three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes.


Her engaging and amusing talks are peppered with anecdotes from an unparalleled career in which she has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues.


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Featured by the UN, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, NU Skin, NASA, and the United Nations, Peter Sage is a world-renowned international & serial entrepreneur, philosopher, and teacher. He is a best-selling author whose book has attained an Amazon No. 1 best seller in Japan with 150,000 copies. His unique way of looking at the world has earned him the distinguished Brand Laureate Award for extraordinary individuals alongside previous winners who include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs and Cristiano Ronaldo. 


Founder of Elite Mentorship


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John is on a mission to help people live better quality lives by educating them on the necessary skills and tools required to thrive.


There are underlying principles to success and his passion is in helping others feel it for themselves! He specializes in helping full-time professionals that are ready to add full time ‘thriving’ to their resume. 


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2 of the most well-versed veterans in the field of personal growth, mindset, transformation, and self-identity, Emile & Heidi has been coaching thousands of students worldwide for close to a decade now on breaking down beliefs and old habits that sabotage growth and profitable results. With the support of over 50 health professionals, they have spent more than 15,000 hrs digging deep into the minds, hearts, and lives of every client they worked with as they guide every single one of them on a proven path to fall in love with themselves.


EQ Coaches, International Speakers and The Founders of Illuminate, Conscious Tease and Elevate Tribe  



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