“Have You Ever Wondered What Millionaires & Billionaires Do When Goal-Setting & Motivation Stops Working for them?”


What I’m about to show you today, is something that I’ve learned from the Greatest Sales Closer Who Ever Lived – The Wolf Of Wall Street. 


And Just Like The People Who I’ve Passed It Down To… You Too Could Make A Lot Of Money This 2021. Even If You Think You’re Not Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur With Little-To-No Idea What You Want In Life.

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The following is for:


- Any aspiring online coach who has no idea how he/she will ever be able to get random strangers online to work with them…

- Anyone who is currently struggling with low self-esteem or with little to no self-confidence when it comes to business & money.


- People who are stuck in the chains of procrastination and self-hate living an unfulfilling life living paycheck to paycheck...


The following is for:


any aspiring brand owner, podcaster, influencer, speaker, or coach who has DREAMED of building an online brand that makes millions, impacts millions of lives, and is recognized around the world.


✅ any individual who has witnessed the UNRIVALED ABILITY of an online brand TO INJECT unquestionable credibility to anything its founder says.


✅ It’s for any entrepreneur and author who enjoys CREATING and BUILDING world-class projects that they proudly call as their LEGACY.

Intrigued? Keep reading...


A special TIME SENSITIVE message from the founder, JOEL BROWN 

Hey it's Joel Brown and on September X, 2020... 


I'm going to be hosting a closed-door masterclass wherein I'll be revealing all the EXACT STEPS that I took when I started addicted2success...

By the end of the masterclass...


Any beginner in the world who HAS DREAMT of building an online brand that rivals or even surpasses addicted2success...

...will be able to get ultra-clear on creating a BRAND MISSION and VISION that will inspire millions of people around the world to follow it's every word.


Over 90 Action-packed minutes: 

✅ You will learn how to craft a game plan for your online success

✅ You will learn the steps I took to monetize my brand and business online

✅ How to share your vision powerfully like I have done to be invited into incredible opportunities.

✅ You will learn how to structure your day to day so you can be in flow more often to create.

✅ You will learn to craft a vision that will keep you accountable to your online goals

✅ You will learn how to become more confident in creating content to build your brand online.

✅ You will have a great foundation of knowledge and what is required to get your message out there.


However, I'm only taking in a few people on this Masterclass to make sure that this doesn't get revealed to the public.


And I truly mean it when I say that.


I only want AMBITIOUS ACTION TAKERS who see the no-brainer decision to learn HOW I BUILT addicted2success.com from scratch...


So that they too can immediately get to work and start creating an incredible level of success in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.

Honestly, it took me a long-time to feel comfortable even sharing this system with you…

And I still worry that this might piss some of my high-level mastermind members off who pay me $1000/hr on coaching…


Which, if it does… I’m going to remove this page in less time than it takes to say “Lost Opportunity.”


So please, do yourself a favor and read every word on this page in its entirety…


While it’s still online.


"If you're feeling lost with no idea what you what to do with your life, this will be the best decision you could ever make. I'm now living my dream life surrounded by amazing people every single day. I would have never been able to achieve that without Joel"
- Taylor Peart

Secure a free spot Inside Joel Brown's  BRANDING MASTERCLASS for before the clock ends.


Secure a free spot Inside Joel Brown's  BRANDING MASTERCLASS for before the clock ends.