The Addicted2Success 90-Day 2021 Ignition Starter Pack 

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I decided to do something crazy on Black Friday: I’m giving away $2088 worth of high-level courses to the first 20 people who give me their email, and want to rescue themselves from settling for less and losing control of their lives.


Could a secret 90-Day “2021-Ignition” Game Plan finally be the MISSING LINK to exponential growth in all areas of your life?

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Hey, it’s me Joel Brown, the founder of, star of the Think and Grow Rich Movie, countless podcasts, and publications.


I want to congratulate you for clicking whatever link led you to this page…


As you all know, Black Friday is coming and I’m about to give away $2,000.00 worth of VALUE FOR FREE.


More on that in a bit…

But in a nutshell, you’re about to get FREE ACCESS to:

  1. A Powerful $997.00 Program that will allow you to decode the inner blueprint of your partner to make them fall in love with you again no matter what…

  2. An INTENSE $497.00 Closed-Door Masterclass from the World’s No 1. Self-Mastery Expert on How You Can Attain The High Ground By Having Full Control Over Your Emotions.

  3. Mind-Bending $297.00 Intensive Masterclass on How You Can Supercharge Your Learning Speed Taught By The Legendary Jim Kwik himself…

  4. A $297.00 Sales-Closing Masterclass by the founder of Closers School himself - Brad Lea who is regarded as one of the greatest producers for top-quality salespeople…

Just to be clear, that's easily WELL OVER $2K worth of value.


And all you really need to do to get access to this is to GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL.

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So what kind of people am I really looking for? I'll show you that in a bit.

But in a nutshell, I'm doing this for people who want to work with me long term...

12 months to be specific.

The best part? – I'm shaving off 95% of the normal price for the 20 people who I determine are ready to commit to working with me.

That means you'll also get the chance to work with me for almost 95% off of the price that I normally charge for me to become your mentor.

This way I can keep you fully accountable week by week, month by month, all year round, starting today.

 The Addicted2Success 90-Day 2021 Ignition Starter Pack 

Give me your email, and I'll see if you deserve this.

I know that’s a lot to give away for free.

But that's ok for me if I know that you're going to implement what you learn from HIGH VALUE programs that are delivered by award-winning coaches.

And there's no better way to make that happen by working with you for an entire year, so that I'll make sure that you IGNITE real growth and transformation this 2021.

Here's where it gets more exciting...


I’m going to throw in a SECRET 90-DAY GAME PLAN METHOD that will make sure that you’re going to turn everything you learn into life-changing action steps.


This secret 90-Day Game Plan Training will show you:


  1. How to build an unbreakable MENTAL STRENGTH you never knew you had, that makes it impossible for you to ever lose motivation and consistency in whatever you do.

  2. The ULTIMATE SECRET to immediately attain MILLIONAIRE focus, clarity, and accountability to achieve all the milestones you need to hit to turn your life around no matter how messed up it is right now.

  3. How to brand, position, and market yourself in a world filled with uncertainty that has been wrecked by the challenges of 2020, especially the pandemic. (This one is going to be very very important if you’re looking to make $$$ online)

By the end of it, you’ll have a proven roadmap that’s so methodical that it will be abnormally easy for you to start achieving your goals.


And as an effect, delete the daunting and seemingly unstoppable power of procrastination and self-doubt in just 15-30 minutes per day.


But that’s only just the start.


Because as you start to achieve one goal after the next… something pretty spectacular is gonna happen.


You’ll start to build momentum that continues to keep growing by the day… And the more you keep building momentum, the harder it is to fail.


Going at full speed at the life that you want can be extremely fun and fulfilling.


Hey, as you’re reading this, you probably already know me as the founder of the Number 1 motivational website in the world -


I’ve been featured in multiple podcasts around the world and I’ve been featured on Forbes, Huff Post, Entrepreneur, Foundr and so much more...


But enough about me, because this is all about you and how you’re going to learn a 90-day secret…


That will be your best friend since it will allow SUCCESS to come to you when you think about anything you want… That you’ll be ADDICTED2SUCCESS.


And you’re going to learn that on a comprehensive 3-Day, 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass.

So just imagine how much your life could change WITH ME and all the other ambitious people who will be on this ride with you...

When we embark on a journey to IGNITE 2021 into a year of pure momentum, elevating all areas of our life together.

With an arsenal of incredible trainings at your disposal, and a mentor to help you get through the hard times...

You'll get everything you need to crush the end of 2020, and all of 2021.

I call it...

The Addicted2Success 90-Day 2021 Ignition Starter Pack

I’m going to give all of these for FREE if you put in your email below, and I know you're a good fit.

Give me your email, and I'll see if you deserve this.

Yes, you heard me right, you’re going to get it for free. So here’s the catch…


Because you're probably wondering why I'm doing this for free right?

I'm doing this for market research.

Once you click the buttons on this page, you'll be led to a form where you put in information that will help me understand your story.

I’m only doing this for people who are looking to become an important part in my journey.


People who are in this for a long haul.


Because I’m giving you the chance to work with me for a full year…


And as thanks, I’ll help you elevate all areas of your life.




Remember earlier when I was talking about giving access to a program that will help you TURN YOUR RELATIONSHIP around no matter how much of a mess it is right now?


You’ll learn how to do just that by learning what your ATTACHMENT style is because you’ll also get Thais Gibson’s Attachment Style Course…


A course that will help you uncover your partner’s blueprint to making them fall in love with you more than they already do…


It’s a course that’s valued at $997.00, and you’re getting it for free.


Because hey, what good is making more money, achieving goals if your relationship with your significant other is also on the edge of the cliff?




And you’ll also get access to a legendary training that is done real-time from the great Jim Kwik himself which already is a big steal within itself.


It’s a course that’s valued at $297.00 that you’ll also get for free.


Jim Kwik will give you over 25 years' worth of experience in supercharging your learning speed.


With this course alone, you’ll get the step-by-step on attaining mastery in any chosen skill that you choose...faster than you ever believed you were capable of.

Again, pretty great stuff right?

So before I tell you how to claim all of that, here’s a summary of everything you’ll be getting for free if you’re one of the few people who put in their emails first: 

1) ($97/month VALUE) A2S Monthly Mastermind Subscription
My exclusive monthly mastermind where you get to DIRECTLY LEARN from me and my incredible network of legends every single month.

2) ($997.00 VALUE) Thais Gibsons’ Attachment Style Course
Get free access to a proven framework and build current and future relationships by understanding attachment styles and as a result, allows you to stay away from toxic partners while at the same time, understanding your partner's love languages. 

3) ($247.00 VALUE) 90 Day Game Plan Masterclass Program
Lifetime access to my highly-successful 90-Day Masterclass where you’ll discover how to map out a bulletproof 90-Day game plan to elevate all areas of your life.


4) ($297.00 VALUE) Jim Kwik’s Supercharge Your learning Speed

Intensive Masterclass On How You Can Supercharge Your Learning Speed Taught By The Legendary Jim Kwik Himself…


5) ($297.00 VALUE) Brad Lea’s Sales-Closing Masterclass

By the founder of Closers School himself Brad Lea who is regarded as one of the greatest producers for top-quality salespeople…

You’re getting over $2K worth of additional value for FREE right here on this page only.

If you’re seeing this page, chances are you swiped up on my Instagram stories.


That also means so many people who also know about this page are following me as well.


So let me explain how you’ll get all of these for free… and why I’m doing this in the first place.


Remember earlier that I said I needed this for market research?


Yes, I'm doing this for market research on improving a closed-door online mastermind for people who want to elevate all areas of their lives.


In this Online Mastermind that's way ahead of it's time, I bring in my network of world-class legends to drop their knowledge for my tribe.


If you haven’t heard about it, it’s called the Addicted2Success Monthly Mastermind.

It’s a highly-ACTIVE mastermind with one of the world’s most driven people who are all under my care that they achieve whatever they want in 2021.


And when you decide to get in for 12 full months with me, you'll become the foundation of great improvements in the next year.

You'll tell me everything you're struggling with, and I'll give you all the answers I have as we grow together.

And this coming black Friday, I’m going to incentivize a handful of people to jump in at a WAY CHEAPER PRICE…


While at the same time, getting up to $1638 worth of bonuses.


But the thing about my monthly mastermind is that not everybody can get in.


If you’ve been following me lately, it’s pretty clear that I’m very picky with whom I associate myself…


And of course who I let inside my monthly mastermind.


So if you’re interested to turn 2021 into YOUR YEAR to change your life permanently under my wing and the support of every ambitious member in my mastermind group…


and as a result, get up to $1638 dollars worth of value given away to you for free…


All you have to do is to put in your email below, and I’ll get back to you with a few questions to see if you’re the right fit.

Give me your email, and I'll see if you deserve this.

I will only give this opportunity along with all the free bonuses to the first 20 people who put in their email addresses.


This is going to become first come first serve. ​


That’s all I got for you right now…


To everyone else, keep crushing it and I’ll look forward to your email.


Sincerely, ​


Joel Brown.


Step 1: Put in your email in any of the opt-ins on this page...


Step 2: Wait for up to 48hrs until I personally reach out to you and ask you a few questions to see if you’re the right fit.


Step 3: Once I deem that you’re one out of 20 people who are worthy of this, I'll give you all the details on how to move forward with this.


It's as simple as that!


So click the button below to begin a life-changing journey of personal development and mastery.

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