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Sure, listening to the speakers is pretty cool, but what if you got the RARE opportunity to interact with the LEGENDS themselves? - BE A VIP MEMBER


Hey, it’s Joel!

I want to be the first to thank you and to congratulate you on securing your FREE spot inside the Addicted2Success Summit.

You’ve made a very wise decision to learn from the best of the best…

Now before you go, I want to thank you for deciding to jump inside the Addicted2Success Online Summit!


If you’re one out of 10 people who are serious about squeezing the most out of the summit…


Then I have an exclusive and extremely-limited opportunity to personally interact with the speakers themselves.


So to make it simple...

There are 2 types of people who will be attending the addicted2success online summit.

1. FREE –– The people who will ONLY be observing from a Livestream on YouTube and Facebook… (which I think is still pretty legendary since a lot of people pay hundreds of $$$ for something as intense and high-level as this)

2. VIP –– The people who will get the exclusive chance to interact with GREATEST world-class legends on the planet (and they’ll get to 2 more bonuses from me as thanks).

The moment you secured your FREE spot on the A2S Summit, you’re already guaranteed to be receiving massive value.

You’ll start learning the exact strategies and frameworks of the top-performing entrepreneurs, international speakers, brand-owners, coaches, sales, and authors…

When the value bombs will begin to fall around you, you’ll start scribbling notes as fast as you can your hand will start to hurt.

You're getting new strategies to grow your business, make way more money, upgrade your life, and most importantly...


However, you’ll start to notice that the more you learn from these world-class legends, the more questions start piling up…

And when you think about it, you realize they’re not just random questions that are popping out of your mind out of curiosity… 

“What if this happens, do I need to do this or that?”

“Hmmm, I already have that. Should I skip doing this or no?”

“Now that I know how to do this, how do I make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of the other goals I’m trying to achieve?”

As more questions start piling up in your head...

You start to realize they’re PRESSING questions that could determine how much you can actually implement and put into action.

That’s exactly why we created the VIP SPOTS for the smart and ambitious action takers who want more support



A few VIP ticket holders will get the RARE chance to jump inside the exact same zoom room with all of the 18 legendary speakers inside.

This means that you get to interact with them, ask them questions, and even talk about your story if they call you out! (which happens a lot)

If you decide to become a VIP MEMBER...

You will get the rare chance to
personally interact with all the 18 legendary speakers... 



This means that 18 of the BIGGEST NAMES in all industries you could ever imagine….

...will be giving you their personalized attention as they tell you exactly what they would do in your situation.

That’s why I believe that getting personal feedback from the Absolute BEST will benefit anyone who chooses to do so...

I have zero doubts that with the frameworks, tools, hacks, lessons, training & systems you get inside this summit...

You will be more than ready to protect yourself, your business(es), and your loved ones in any situation that could unfold.

The moment you leave the summit after gathering everything you need to not only survive but thrive together with the people you care about…

You’ll get to feel what it’s like to be on the winning side.

Now think of it for a second...

Just how much more trust would your family, friends, and once-skeptical business partners put on you...

If you had that new level of confidence that allowed you to make the right decisions time and time again? – Definitely a lot.

If you can see how many stories like these we’ve heard from people around the world, it’s just mind-bending it’s not even funny.

Based on the results that it’s already produced for people who are using them right now… it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

You’ll feel like you’ve turned yourself into a confident and capable person that can turn any situation around like nobody’s business with certainty…

And that’s because that’s exactly what will happen to you if you get the incredible strategies custom-tailored for your situation.

All of the mysteries you’ve had inside your mind will be taken away.

And the incredible feeling of relief and security that comes from getting your hands on all the world’s greatest and most effective secrets?

It’s almost impossible to describe.

So enough talk, and let’s get down to business to the few action takers who want to get inside the exclusive VIP room.


How much does it cost and what do you actually get from making this no-brainer investment?

As a VIP member, you’ll get inside the exact zoom room with all of the legendary speakers that will be speaking on the summit. You’ll get personalized feedback on the pressing questions you need answered, custom-tailored by the legends themselves for your specific situation.

As thanks, I’m giving you lifetime access to my highly-successful 90-Day Masterclass where you’ll discover how to map out a bulletproof 90-Day game plan to elevate all areas of your life.

On top of that, I’ll be giving you access inside my 30-Day Blueprint where we give you a bullet-proof strategy to build and scale highly-profitable businesses that are recession-proof in as fast as 30 quick days if you implement what we’ll show you.

To add all that up, you’re receiving a total value of $991.00 if you become a VIP member of the summit.


However, you’re not going to invest even half of the price.


It’s not even close to half. 

After having going back and forth with all of the speakers and members of my team, we decided to give all of that value for just $97.00.

But if you get in today, it gets even better as you will have an early-bird one-time price of just    $47.00!!  


You can decide to not take action today and stay at the FREE tickets, that’s absolutely your choice.


But if you make that decision, I hope you’re absolutely decided to not trade a mere $47.00 to get personally mentored by not 1, not 5, heck not even 10, but 18 world-class legends…


Each of these speakers gets paid thousands of dollars PER HOUR of coaching, consulting, and mentoring online.


When you really think about that, and the unquestionable caliber of the speakers who will be on the summit... 


It’s not far-fetched to say that the value could be more than twice if not thrice than what you’re seeing right now.


You’re literally just sacrificing a few cups of coffee a week for a chance to interact with

18-world class legends personally.


You already know that this isn’t just about you, but also about the people whom you can help during these times…


You already know about the unquestionable track records of the incredible speakers that will be speaking…


You already know about how game-changing it will be if you got their strategies custom-tailored to your specific situation.


To the smart people, there really isn’t something to even think about.


On top of that...


Winners don’t like saving their money because that’s just a sure-fire way to make sure your money goes nowhere but down.


I know you already know that investing your money in the right pots is your safest bet to make sure that doesn’t happen.


So since we’re coming to an end… 


I want you to know that VIP spots are extremely limited.


Now I know this sounds like some “BS” limited spots just to make sure you get in now even though spots are not limited.


But it’s not, and here’s why...


The reality of the matter of the fact, is that ZOOM has a limit of a few hundred people to attend inside a single room.


This means that my team and I are forced to limit the VIP tickets to a few hundred spots because of ZOOM. (800 to be exact)


Right now as you read this page, thousands of other people around the world are also seeing this very page right now.


This means that if other 800 action takers around the world are more decisive than you are…


They will snatch your VIP seat faster than the blink of an eye without hesitation.


So if you choose to click away from this page, there’s a really high chance that you might not be able to make it inside again.


Once all of the VIP spots are filled, this opportunity will be closed.


If you feel that this isn’t for you, that’s totally fine and that I want you to know that you did nothing wrong at all.


We’re only doing this for a select amount of people who know they want more out of this summit.


It’s not every day that you have 18 of the world’s best speakers teaming up to share their strategies with you…


Let alone custom-tailoring them as if you actually paid them thousands of dollars for their precious time.


So to end this on a good note…


If you’re ready to take this to the next level with me and all the other VIP members… 


Go ahead and click the button below and I’ll see you on the other side!


If you have any questions about the VIP spots, email me at and we’ll get back to you right away.


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To your success!


Joel B.

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