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What will you learn inside the 90-Day Masterclass?

Day 1: Inner Rewiring & Transforming Your Beliefs

Where would you love to see yourself in the next 90-days from now regardless of the circumstances that we’re in right now?


Whatever it is, whether you’re clear with it or not yet...


In order for you to move forward, to create unparalleled clarity, to know what to focus on, and to learn how to hold yourself accountable…


You’ll need to let go of what’s holding you back from actually doing so.


The BIGGEST problem is that most people don’t even know that there is something that’s stopping them from living a life that deeply fulfills them.


In order to do this, you need to learn how to let go of what’s been holding us back to doing so in the first place.


As Jordan Belfort once said: 


“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the BS story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.”


The key here is to let go of the subconscious stories you’ve been telling yourself as to why you can’t START NOW…


And then, discovering how you can let them go to shift to a newer, better identity that allows you to achieve anything you want in life. 


On DAY 1, this is exactly what we focus on.

DAY 2: Moving From Procrastination to Creation

Imagine what it would be like if you had the ability to time and time again…


...always do what you need to do to get to where you wanna be with unrivaled speed, with unbreakable certainty, and unparalleled clarity? 


Where would your life be right now? How much progress, overall success, achievements, would you able to attain?


You would probably be achieving an incredible milestone in different areas of your life that RIVALS even the world’s greatest minds.


However, I’ve discovered over the years that whenever I started teaching strategies, teachings, and frameworks to my students… 


They were somehow getting blocked or stopped because they were still struggling with procrastination.


But what most people are not aware of is that procrastination isn’t a cause, and it doesn’t happen by accident.


What most people don’t know is that there are 6 DIFFERENT types of procrastination…


And each type of procrastination was born from different causes and require different approaches to overcome them effortlessly.


On day 2, for the first time ever, I’m revealing my exact system to discovering what type of procrastinator you are…


And more importantly, what type of strategy will allow you to overcome it PERMANENTLY.

DAY 3: Mapping Out Your Bulletproof 90-Day Game Plan

What would your life look like if we met 90-days from now on a coffee shop in Bali? where would you love to see yourself in the next 90-days from now regardless of the circumstances that we’re in right now?


What most people don't understand is that everything is touching everything.


This is exactly why happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and contempt only comes to those who have a well-rounded life with all the 8-key areas in life in complete HARMONY.

Now that you've let go of the stories and killed the procrastination that's been holding you back all this time, you are now moving forward with unparalleled clarity, with unbreakable focus, and next-level self-accountability…

It's now time to map out the plan of attack for the next 90 days. On Day 3, I will give you a bulletproof roadmap that allows you to identify and achieve what it is that you truly want to achieve in the next 90 days in all areas of life. Specifically speaking:


1. Business/Career

2. Finances

3. Health

4. Romance 

5. Fun & Adventure

6. Family & Friends

7. Physical Environment

8. Self Development

This way, you can finally follow a crystal clear blueprint of exactly how to achieve what you want in the next 90 days without fail.


REVEALED: The 6 Types of Procrastinators

The GREATEST reason why most people never end up overcoming their procrastination no matter how hard they try, is because they’re using the wrong methods to overcoming their TYPE of procrastination. The first step to overcoming procrastination PERMANENTLY... is to discover what KIND of procrastinator YOU ARE and this is exactly what this tool does for you.

The Procrastination to Creation CHEATSHEET

What most people aren’t aware of, is that down to its core, there are SIX different types of procrastinators. Each of which requires a specific approach to overcoming it permanently. The second step to overcoming procrastination is to APPLY the right methods to your SPECIFIC TYPE of procrastination and this tool is your one-way ticket to achieving that.

A2S 90-Day Gameplan Worksheet

The best way to describe this tool is that it is the pure definition of unparalleled clarity and structure to achieving what you want to achieve in the next 90-Days. This is where the REAL transformation happens. And this tool is going to be your lighthouse as you move with certainty towards achieving everything you’ve laid out in your 90-Day VISION.


The 90-Day Masterclass Facebook Group

Inside this FREE 90-Day Masterclass, you’ll get to rub shoulders with me, my incredible network of leaders, and of course, all the other students who are going through the exact same journey to level up. You'll get inside an environment that is primed for progress with no judgments. Just pure support, encouragement, and accountability.