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Hey my name is Joel Brown...

This letter is for anyone out there who feels alone, misunderstood, and lost in life.

This is for the people who find themselves running away from opportunities because they don't feel like they're good enough.

And most importantly, this is going to be a TRUE GAME CHANGER for the procrastinating champions who have continued to let themselves down.

Inside this letter, you’re going to get the chance to get your hands on a proven and tested proprietary VISION PROCESS that allows ANYONE to:

- permanently break free from the most SEVERE cases of long term procrastination so you ALWAYS KEEP GROWING in life.

- hardwire their brains to take action consistently without having to push yourself to do the things that you have to.

- uncover the 1-2 simple little things that will allow you to achieve anything you want to achieve in 90-Days... (or close to it)

- have crystal clear PICTURE of what it is that you truly want to achieve and why... (that will wake you up from a life of feeling lost)

I first created this VISION PROCESS to help me build a crystal clear picture on what I wanted to build in the next 10-years.


With the unparalleled clarity that I got from it, it allowed me to go from handling snakes in the scorching deserts of Australia…


To becoming the founder of the Number 1 Motivational Website in the world amassing more than 270Million Views.

For the past few years,


I've started to coach tens of thousands of people on how I went from nothing to where I am right now.


I shared the stage with legendary coaches who are MASTERS at their craft.


Industry Leading Thought Leaders...



International Speakers...

Business-Owners that have revenues that flirt with 8-figures a year...


After seeing the people who have used this VISION PROCESS grown exponentially...


It hit me like a ton of bricks.


What if I could teach the COMPLETE VISION PROCESS to people who want to take this a lot more seriously?


Since then...

I've taught the ENTIRE SYSTEM to people who were willing to go all-in and I charged a lot of dollars for that.

Why? – Because it was the result of 10-Years of hard work, trial end error, and thousands of hours of coaching people around the world.

I had to pick what works the best, what matters, what's applicable and what's not.

But the craziest part is that this VISION PROCESS produces a highly-predictable result for anyone who doesn't feel excited in life.

I’ve seen it firsthand inside my ELITE programs and retreats.

This is for the people who are in PAIN right now feeling confused about what they should do right now, and what they truly want in life.

And that's why I had to share it now after seeing all the uncertainty that's been going on.

Honestly, it took me a long-time to feel comfortable even sharing this system with you…

And I still worry that this letter might piss some of my high-level mastermind members off…

Which, if it does…

I’m going to remove this page in less time than it takes to say “Lost Opportunity.”

Here's one of the few people who got to experience what life is like after using my VISION PROCESS...


"If you're feeling lost with no idea what you what to do with your life, this will be the best decision you could ever make. I'm now living my dream life surrounded by amazing people every single day. I would have never been able to achieve that without Joel"
- Taylor Peart

As you can see, the VISION PROCESS changes lives no matter how dire any situation can seem to be.

I've only revealed it to a handful of select people for the past few years 

But now, I’m publishing the entire 4 Step System online for the first time ever…


So you can steal it from underneath my nose and begin using it for yourself today.

So what is this system?

Let me tell you that this isn't something that you can find anywhere else.

You can't find this on some google search, on a best-selling book, or even other coaching programs out there as well...


Why? Because after being in this game of building my DREAM LIFE for more than 10 years now...


After investing hundreds and thousands of dollars in coaching.


For the first time ever, I finally started to focus on making moves that MATTERED that most after procrastinating for so many years.

It allowed me to achieve anything that I want week by week, month by month, year by year on clockwork.

And more than that, it allowed me to achieve my 10-year goals in just 6.


If that's how powerful this VISION PROCESS is,

Just imagine putting this on a test to see how it can help you achieve anything you want in the next 90-days without fail (if you follow my lead). FOR $27.00

Imagine living a life where you stop asking questions such as "WHAT NOW?" and instead... 


You ask yourself questions like: "How should I reward myself today?"


Think about it.


And that’s why I’m inviting you to join us in my

90-Day Game Plan Masterclass and be one of the few people who are under my care.


Inside this Masterclass...


  • You’ll uncover what’s been stopping you all this time...

  • You’ll discover why you’re good enough after all…

  • You’ll learn how to forgive yourself and others altogether...

  • You’ll see what you’re capable of achieving in the next 90-days

  • and you’ll realize how much closer you actually are than you think to achieve what you want in life.

Here's how you get RID of procrastination, feeling lost in life, and always feeling you're not good enough. (it's quite simple actually)

So let’s get into the FIRST STEP.


The reason why you’re still procrastinating no matter how hard you try to overcome is that you’ve lost all belief in yourself...

It's because you still haven’t let go of the old

stories and lies you’ve kept telling yourself for years as to why you can’t, and why not now.


Because unless you let go of the stories you’ve kept telling yourself as to why not now, why not you, and why you can’t…


No strategy/course in the world will be able to get you to the next level if you keep telling yourself these negative stories.


The good news is that letting go of these stories isn’t as hard as you think if you know how to go really deep.

Let’s get into STEP 2.


Step 2 activates a consistency engine within your brain that will make sure you keep taking consistent action every single day.


Imagine what it would be like if you had the ability to time and time again…


...always do what you need to do to get to where you wanna be with unrivaled speed, with certainty, and unbreakable consistency? 


You’ll be able to achieve incredible milestones
in multiple areas of your life that RIVALS
even the world’s greatest minds.


When I revealed this to my exclusive group, they were blown away after realizing why they’ve been procrastinating all their life.

What most people don’t really know is that there are 6 different types of procrastinators with each type requiring different solutions.


Once you figure out what type of procrastinator you are, it’s game over. That’s when the consistency engine turns on.


Last but not least, let’s get into STEP 3.


Step 3 allows you to have direction, purpose, and step-by-step clarity as to what you want to achieve in your life in the next 90-days.

This is where you’ll be identifying exactly

what to FOCUS on to create the GREATEST RESULTS in the LEAST TIME. 


STEP 3 is where you’ll be introduced to a visible roadmap of what you need to do to make the life that you want happen in reality.


What most people don't understand is that everything is touching everything.


And they only tend to have goals with business or income neglecting all the others as they go.


What do you think would happen if you have an UNPARALLELED level of clarity guiding you on every DECISION that you made?


  • You’d immediately start taking action because you now have a blueprint of what you want to do in the next 90-Days...

  • You’d finally stop procrastinating on the things you know you need to do for such a long time because of fear of failure.

  • You’d start letting go of the past stories you’ve kept telling yourself as to why you don’t deserve the life you want...


Whether you’re trying to thrive in today’s times for yourself or for the people you hold close to your heart…

The reality of the fact is that you can't help other people if you don't help yourself.

Hi, my name is Joel Brown...

As the founder of the No. 1 motivational website in the world Addicted2Success and as a coach who has worked with world leaders, multi-millionaires, and billionaires…


This is exactly why happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction, and contempt only come to those who have a well-rounded life.


A life where all the 8-key areas in your life are in complete HARMONY.


1. Business/Career

2. Finances

3. Health

4. Romance 

5. Fun & Adventure

6. Family & Friends

7. Physical Environment

8. Self Development


This is the secret to living a life that is worth living every single day.


And guess what,


This Masterclass is where I’m currently coaching people who badly want to thrive in all areas of their life even in times like these from the comfort of their own home…


...because more of what you do is whom you become.


This isn’t an online inspirational group where we all just keep talking about inspiration and motivation…


This isn’t a hyped-up group where you’ll see strategies that you’ve already heard of everywhere else.


Lord knows there’s enough of THOSE programs out there…


Believe me… the LAST thing I want to do iss to add to all the noise on the internet right now.

I Started The 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass To Serve As An Online Dojo… For Those Who Want To Thrive At The Highest Levels In Today’s Times!


My 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass is an intensive, IMMERSIVE experience… for those who want to achieve their FULL potential in life.


It’s specifically designed for those who are DISGUSTED at the thought of feeling not good enough all the time…

Here’s just what you’ll get if you get inside the 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass today:

Day 1: Inner Rewiring & Transforming Your Beliefs

The BIGGEST problem is that most people don’t even know that there is something that’s stopping them from living a life that deeply fulfils them. In Day 1, you’ll learn how to uncover them and how you can let them go to shift to a newer, better identity that allows you to achieve anything you want in life.

DAY 2: Moving From Procrastination to Creation

This is where we switch on the consistency engine that’s been suppressed inside your brain by introducing you to the 6 types of procrastinators. It is on this day that you’ll learn how to start getting rid of the type of procrastination that you’re suffering from for good.

DAY 3: Mapping Out Your Bulletproof 90-Day Game Plan

Day 3 is where you’ll have a visible roadmap of what you need to do to make the life that you want happen in reality. This is what will allow you to have step-by-step clarity on what you want to achieve in your life in the next 90-days.

Secure a lifetime membership for $27.00 before the investment increase to USD$297 when the clock ends.


Day 1: Self-Image And Belief Realignment


Day 2: From Procrastination to Creation


Day 3: Mapping out Your 90-Day Gameplan

Included in The 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass are High-Level worksheets that I’ve given to clients who pay me thousands of dollars:


REVEALED: The 6 Types of Procrastinators

The GREATEST reason why most people never end up overcoming their procrastination no matter how hard they try is because they’re using the wrong methods to overcome their TYPE of procrastination. The first step to overcoming procrastination PERMANENTLY... is to discover what KIND of procrastinator YOU ARE and this is exactly what this tool does for you.

The Procrastination to Creation CHEATSHEET

What most people aren’t aware of, is that down to its core, there are SIX different types of procrastinators. Each of which requires a specific approach to overcoming it permanently. The second step to overcoming procrastination is to APPLY the right methods to your SPECIFIC TYPE of procrastination and this tool is your one-way ticket to achieving that.

A2S 90-Day Game Plan Worksheet

The best way to describe this tool is that it is the pure definition of unparalleled clarity and structure to achieving what you want to achieve in the next 90-Days. This is where the REAL transformation happens. And this tool is going to be your lighthouse as you move with certainty towards achieving everything you’ve laid out in your 90-Day VISION.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: The 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass Facebook Group

Inside this 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass, you’ll get to rub shoulders with me, my incredible network of leaders, and of course, all the other students who are going through the exact same journey to level up. You'll get inside an environment that is primed for progress with no judgments. Just pure support, encouragement, and accountability.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: WhatsApp Accountability Group!

As a member of the 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass, you will be assigned to one-of-four accountability generals who will keep you on track. In this group, you will have unrestricted access to someone who truly wants you to succeed and will help you overcome your excuses.

What’s The Investment To Join My 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass Today?


Well… I’m not going to beat around the bush here.


When people knew about my 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass, dozens of them were already ready to pay hundreds of dollars a month for this…




Because I’m sharing the exact strategies that I’ve shared with my top clients who have paid me thousands of dollars per hour.


And most of all, you’ll have lifetime access to the group and the worksheets that I’ve perfected along the decade of trial and error…


So it’s easy for me to charge a monthly subscription of at least $300/month for the number of essential skills you'll learn over the next few months…


But no, I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing this to help as many people as I can.


So it would already be a crazy deal if I made the 90-Day Masterclass as a one-time payment of just $997.00 right?


Of course it would be! However, the investment to get inside my 90-Day masterclass isn’t even close to that.


It’s not even half of $597.00 at all.

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If you enroll before the clock ends, you can secure a lifetime membership for $27, only a limited time until it increase to USD$297.

Obviously that’s a great deal… that offers an enormous amount of value if you take advantage of it.

But only if you act before the clock runs out. 

If you fail to get inside by that time, the price will be brought up to $47.00


When you think about it, it’s really just 3-4 cups of coffee for a lifetime membership inside the 90-Day Game Plan Masterclass.


If you can buy at least a coffee a week, this is something you shouldn’t even think about…


So if you’d like to get in NOW while you still can at the lowest price you’ll EVER see this life-changing program ever offered at…


Then click the big button above to fill out your application and I'll see you inside.